Net Carbs: What are they?

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday morning. Today, I wanted to talk about a topic that has been rising in the fitness/internet world, and that would be NET CARBS. 



Net Carbs are Carbs that don't have much impact on blood sugar levels. It came about around the same time as the Atkins Diet grew popular.  Carbohydrates minus dietary fiber minus artificial sweeteners is how Atkins describes it. . The reason behind the significance is that they are known as"impact carbs" since they have an impact on blood sugar. 

However, the problem that I have seen with this when someone is doing FLEXIBLE DIETING (IIFYM) is that they are only counting the net carbs as calories. The reason why this is a problem is because fiber still has calories, andsugar alcohol still has calories. It is true that Fiber doesn't impact blood sugar because the body doesn't digest  it but you are STILL gaining calories. 

At the end of the day however, its all about your daily totals, your lifestyle, your training, metabolic rate, your age, and calories in v. out. All these things matter in order to achieve your goals. Its not about avoiding or eating this magic food that will help you lose weight. It is kind of like cheating in a way. You say you only had 10 grams of carbs when in all reality you probably consumed 200. Your body will not know whether its net carbs or just carbs.What it will know is the amount of calories you consumed. 

There is also another CON on eating too much of Net Carbs ( honestly I think too much of anything isn't good anyway). They can bloat you because you will end up having toomuch water in the GI tract. As far as sugar alcohols; it can cause diarrhea. 

My tip to all of you is to just tract carbs as a whole and forgot the whole NET CARB thing.