Spot Reduction Isn't a Myth

Hey everyone. Happy Tuesday! Just got back from a trip to Disney World to celebrate my brother-in-laws brother's birthday. I know that is a tongue twister for ya. We celebrated at the  food and wine festival in Epcot. It was extremely hot so I made sure to keep myself hydrated. Had a blast visiting all the different countries and now I'm even more stoked for our trip next week. Scroll below for some pictures of the weekend. 

Ok so now that I've updated you on my life, lets talk about the main reason that you clicked on this post: SPOT REDUCTION. Spot reduction is the idea of losing fat in just one area by only training that area. In the past, every study has indicated that spot reduction is not possible and that the only way to reduce fat in a single area was to reduce over all body fat with lots of cardio.  How does fat work you ask? Well the adipose tissue (tissue that surrounds the muscle) releases fat fuel but if that fat is not used the body then stores it as fat. 

However, just recently they came out with a study that shows differently. Not going to bore you all with the specifics of the research but the main points you need to know is that the subjects where split into 2 groups: 

              a) Those training Upper Body

               b) Those training lower body.  

Both groups trained their specific areas with weight training and immediately followed it by 30 minutes of cardio focusing on their area. What was found in the study is that both groups lost fat mass in their targeted area. Remember above when I spoke about how fat works? Well in relation to this study  what it is saying is that if you train a localized area, adipose releases. When this happens you would be doing cardio (the subjects did cardio after weight training) which allows the fat to be used as fuel. 

If you are a competitor getting close to show day this might bring a good concept to light; localize training (spot train) & cardio in order to get that last bit of stubborn fat off. 

FYI: My midsection/abs have always been a stubborn place for me. I think I might just incorporate this into my next competition and do some cardio plus abs the day before the show.  Stay tuned for a possible post on ABS.