Workout for Brides

In honor of my 1 year Wedding Anniversary that was this past Sunday (man time flies) and the fact that is is "Wedding Season" I am doing a blog post on a quick workout for Brides. 

Brides want to look their best on the most important day of their lives and who can blame them. Since most brides will be wearing strapless or back bearing dresses, we will do most of our focus on arms and back. However, that does not mean we neglect our lower body. We will incorporate compound exercises which are exercises that involve more than one muscle group. As far as cardio goes: try doing something that involves arms and back right after your training. If you read my previous post on spot reduction you will know why I suggest this form of cardio over running. 

Lying on side tricep pushup. Feet parallel to floor. Glutes tucked in.  3x15


Lunge with lateral raises. Lunge forward with one leg. As you go down raise your arms into a lateral, don’t go past your shoulders. This works shoulders and legs.  Do 10 on one side and then 10 on the other.


Bicep curl with tricep kickback. Start standing with your knees slightly bent and chest forward about 45 degrees and elbows by your side. and Bring the dumbbells to your chest for a bicep curl then immediately extend your arms back for a tricep extension. This exercise works both the front (biceps) and back (triceps) of your arms.
*Be sure to keep your elbows by your side and squeeze throughout the entire exercise.


Squat with Shoulder Press.  Start in a “frog position” with a wide stance with your legs and glutes between your legs, slightly off the ground. Use your heels to stand up while bringing the dumbbells up and into a press with your palms facing each other. Bring the dumbbells down and you lower back to the starting position. This exercise really targets your glutes and quadriceps while rounding out your shoulders. Can use weighted ball or dumbbell.



RENEGADE ROWS.Start in a push-up position with the hands holding on to dumbbells that are lined up parallel to each other. Perform a push-up. At the top of the push-up, press both feet into the ground to create stability while pulling the right dumbbell up to the chest in a rowing move (the elbow brushes against the rib cage). Place the right hand down and perform a rowing move with the left hand. Once a row has been completed on each side, perform another push-up. Complete as many as possible with good form and rest 45 to 60 seconds; complete two to three sets.


This is just a little insight of what you can expect from my Bridal E-book You will receive an entire e-book targeted for brides. The exact workout and diet I did before my big day.