Is There Truth Behind Bro Science?

Have you ever been at the gym and hear a whole bunch of guys talking about: 'Tilapia & Asparagus being the only thing to lean out" or " fasted cardio burns more fat." You may have even heard your favorite influencer talk about only doing HIIT cardio. In the fitness industry we call this, BRO SCIENCE. 

I've fallen into the BRO SCIENCE scheme back when I started my fitness journey 5 years ago. I believed many of the myths mentioned above. I would see girls and guys at the gym that I would look up to and hear the things they would say and consider them "GOD'S word." However, as I learned more and became a certified trainer, I realized this was pretty much B.S. Let's take a look at some of the BRO SCIENCE myths we may have heard:

A) Fasted cardio burns more fat. Research has shown that fed state cardio actually burns more fat. However, the point here is to be active and get your workout in so if that means doing it fasted then do it. If it fits your lifestyle do it. I also use it on myself and clients to manipulate certain areas of the body. 

B) You must perform a blend of ALL cardio, not just HIIT. This really depends on the person. Analyze what your goals are and then decide what cardio helps get you there. usually steady state is used when you are dieting down and in a caloric deficit. Steady state will not stress the body as much as HIIT. However, if your a sprinter or an athlete that has to do with explosiveness, you may want to consider HIIT. Steady state will not really do much for your goals. 

Let's not all gang upon BRO SCIENCE though because thanks to them bringing a certain topic or suggestion to light, it has caused researchers to do studies on it. You see? It is like the circle of life. We need BRO SCIENCE to continue in order to get the facts.