What Should You Be Eating Before Bed?

Today is a sad, sad, day; we are returning back to the states. I am currently at the airport as I'm writing this post. Truth be told, the thing that makes me excited to go back is the thought of seeing my fur babies. I can't wait to see Louis Vuitton, Buttercup, Dutch & Charlie! Even though only 2 of those are mine, I love them all as my own. Especially my little broder...Louis. I mean I did take care of him for a couple weeks before we gave him to my parents for Christmas, so of course we created a special bond. 

Getting back on the topic at hand, sorry I tend to lose track when talking about my doggies,  Eating Before Bed. Should you do it? Should you not? If you do eat then what should it be? Will carbs make you fat... You can find more on that here. 

Not sure if any of you have been on a cruise before but if you have, then you know it is all about food. They serve food at all times of the day and  night. Like if that's not enough they even have a full blown midnight buffet! Not that I think any of you will be sitting down at the nearest Golden Corral at 12am anytime soon, but eating at night is actually a great thing to do. Many coaches tend to tell you to stop eating after 7pm, but this is not ideal. You want to eat at night especially if you train. If your last meal is at 7pm ,you got to bed at 10, and wake up at 7am then that is 12 hours of missed opportunity to reach protein synthesis. 

While I was away I still kept up with my training since the ship had a great gym. Every night I was pretty hungry from my training and all the walking in the cities so I would eat. I made sure to have protein. Why you ask?  Protein at night has many benefits. One of them being that it increases protein synthesis from prior day training while you sleep. Ideally you  want to consume 20-30 grams of protein. In doing this your strength will improve along with body composition, recovery and overall health.  So the next time a coach tells you to stop eating at 7pm you may want to question their reasoning. 

Until next time kiddos!