Holiday Gift Guide for the Fitness Lover

Can you believe we are already in December and the year is almost over? I most certainly can not! Holiday season is upon us and some of us may not be ready for it. Christmas is advertised as the most wonderful time of the year but the thought of what to get everyone in your family can be a little stressful. this is why I decided to do a Holiday Gift Guide for the fitness lover since that is what I know best ;).


1. Goal Getter- Fitspiration Journal $16.95

The fitspiration journal by fitlosophy keeps health and wellness top-of-mind daily with inspiration + tips to live life fit.  keep moving, keep nourishing, and keep sweating with this fitness-meets-gratitude 16-week journal designed to empower your mind, body, and soul. Be grateful, set goals, get inspired, think positive, and reflect with this guided journal designed to inspire you daily.

  • space to journal gratitude + set goals daily
  • tracker to rate daily workouts, food + mood
  • daily fitness, nutrition + wellness tips to inspire healthy living
  • motivational quotes to inspire you with space to jot down thoughts, inspiration, or doodle notes

2. Foam Roller-$39.99

Every true fitness lover knows the importance of stretching and rolling used muscles. One of the best foam rollers out there today is the trigger point foam roller, your best and worst friend.
This roller works through your tight muscles and knots to get your body moving and feeling better!



3. Apple Watch 3 Series - $329

The hubs got me one for my birthday and I have been obsessed ever since. It does so many things like

- Track workouts

- Answer phone calls & texts

-Gather heart rate info

- monitor your steps

There are so many more things but I don't want to make this post too long. I especially love the fact that I can answer my calls really quickly while working out and not have to spend time finding my phone, putting away, etc.  If you want to get ONE really good for your fitness lover, this is the item to buy. 


4. 4. Hopeless Jump Rope- $27.99

If jumping rope intimidates you because you've watched every single Rocky movie and can't cut it like he does, this is the rope for you. It is wireless so you can jump anywhere with ought the shame of falling on your face or  rather having the rope whip your face. This wireless jump rope;

- Calculates and records your exercise time, counts calories burned and how many jumps you do. 

- Also knows your weight


5.Lioness Crop Top- $27.99

Everyone always needs a great outfit to workout in so why not gift it to them? These crop tops are the perfect gift for the fashionista/fitness lover in everyone. Happy Shopping!