The Truth Behind "Small Meals Every 3 Hours"

Many trainers preach that you have to eat every 3 hours in order to lose weight and speed up your metabolism, but the truth is metabolism doesn’t accelerate from meal to meal. 

The reason why eating 6 small meals a day (every 3 hours) works is because it helps curb cravings which leads to NO binge eating. Smaller meals in the right portion can keep blood sugar/insulin stable and in that case, YES it encourages fat burning. However, you are still in a caloric deficit which is what is truly causing weight loss. 


However, eating 6 times a day doesn't create thermogenesis (when you eat food the body uses energy to breakdown food which in turn means burning calories). Also, there is  NO improved body compositions like many trainers suggest. 

In order to back-up this theory, trainers tell you that being hungry= your metabolism is getting faster; this is false! All it means when you are hungry is that your body is getting used to your eating habit so when the 3 hour mark comes you will indeed be hungry because your body is expecting you to feed it.

NutritionMonika Paez