Top 3 Reasons you might not be losing weight

If you want to see physical changes in your body you have to go through extremes right? Eat less, and workout more that seems about right? Yes, there is truth to the point of being in a caloric deficit in order to lean down. However, you may want to look at the picture as a whole instead of just one little piece of the puzzle.

1.Bowel Movements:

The body goes through a lot of detoxification processes through the night as you sleep. So if you are not eliminating your bowels every morning within an hour of waking up then you are leaving toxic waste sit in your body for the day. This causes inflammation in the midsection, toxins recirculating in your body, low energy, foggy brain and a general feeling of 'heaviness'.On the other hand, if your digestion is too fast, and you eliminate your bowels too frequently (3+ per day) your body is not having the proper time to absorb nutrients from your food, which can leave you starving on a cellular level, increased appetite and cravings.

2.Hormones:Hormones are linked to majority of metabolic processes, and other hormonal processes. So it's kind of like a domino effect.... one thing fails and it cascades into many other issues. How your hormones are functioning affects how you feel, how you look, how you act, how you function...EVERYTHING. I have suffered from hormonal imbalances from all the crazy diets I've been on. You need to cater your body back slowly into its regular state. So if you are experiencing:

-Lack of sleep

-Trouble losing weight even on caloric deficit

-Mood changes


-Feel light headed

You may be experiencing Metabolic damage. Start introducing food slowly into your body and

stay away from any extreme dieting. Speak to a health professional.

3.Under Eating

This ties in with hormones and one of the main reasons many people struggle to lose weight or keep weight off. Scenario: You want to lose weight, so you cut calories and the pounds start to come however,what worked before isn't working the same anymore.... why? The human body is extremely smart (stubborn even) By cutting calories your metabolism adjusts, it actually slows down. So the more you cut, the more your body goes into starvation mode by holding on to your food/calories for energy. Carb Cyling is a great alternative.