Urban Workout for Fall

In today’s world - with all the technology that surrounds us - we rarely leave our homes. We have apps to bring us food and groceries, indoor treadmills, our beloved amazon prime and programs like P90x. I even heard that there is a robot coming out that can cook for us. Are all these amazing? Heck yeah! Are they also making it way too easy for us to stay indoors? Definitely!

It’s easy to forget about the natural beauty of our surroundings - even if we are simply walking down the street. We have our eyes glued to our phones, and are missing out on taking in all the details of our streets, neighborhoods, and cities. 

The other day, I was chatting about this with a friend, and we came up with the greatest idea: why not take a stroll around your city and get an “urban exploration” type workout at the same time? Not only are you exerting your body - you’re working out your mind as well. This is a perfect excuse to get out of the house, put away all electronics, and just be in the moment. You’ll probably get rid of some stress too! Sound like a plan?

Ok so here’s what I’d like you to do: 

First off, put on your gym clothes or take it in a bag so you can do this after work. No excuses people. 

Now that your ready, put your headphones on, and get to it.  You can do this on your way to work, on your way to get your nails done, or as your next “DIY” fitness program. It doesn’t matter if you have a specific destination in mind. The idea is simply to walk through the city, explore, and rock it out! I’ve created a program below that includes certain landmarks. If your city doesn’t have picket fences or trains - don’t worry. Pick a different landmark, and make it work! The idea is simply to use your natural surroundings to inspire an outdoor urban fitness adventure!  Have a blast. 

1.Traffic Light- 20 jumping squats

2. Fire Hydrant- 25 walking lunges 

3. A theatre- 10 side lunges (each side)       

4. A Train- 20 mountain climbers

5. Stop Sign- 20 skaters

6. White picket fence- 20 burpees

7. Taxi- 20 Jump Lunges

8.  Street Vendor- 30 squats

9.  A n empty sidewalk bench- 20 box jumps

10. Coffee Shop- 15 Push-Ups