Are Weekends Ruining Your Goals?

Happy TGIF! You leave the office at 5pm on Friday, rush home and open a bottle of wine. You refuse to cook one more chicken so you order in. Saturday comes and your running errands all around town and forget to eat until dinner but by then your so hungry you eat whatever is in sight. Lazy Sunday creeps in and you wake up later than usual. you don't have enough time now to get in all your meals....sound familiar? Yup this is pretty much an overview of my weekends. 

I know I am not alone with this one. I swore to myself that in 2018 I would make it a point to aim for better "weekend behavior". Being that most of us are creatures of routine and schedules, as much as we swear we are NOT, the weekends lack just THAT! Your daily structure is not in place during the weekends so things get kind of crazy. 

Some of the things that we do on the weekends that lead to slow progress include......

- Alcohol, not only does it increase toxicity in the body but also dehydrates, allow for slower recovery, lower tester tone production  and increase estrogen. 

- Lack Of Water, I am guilty of this one! This leads to poorer digestion, loss of muscle fullness and fatigue in the beginning of the week. 

- Missed Meals, another one I am guilty of. This is the most important one NOT to do. One of the biggest reasons you won't see progress is because of this. 

However, let us analyze this for a minute. If your going to be missing meals, drinking too much alcohol and less water for 2 out of the 7 days (multiply that by 52)..... your missing a pretty big chunk of time falling behind on your goals. 

Who is with me to vouch to do better on the weekends?