Why Does Your Weight Fluctuate On The Scale?

It is the beginning of the year and I know many of us have set goals for ourselves that surround fitness. Some may be conquering the pull-up (like me) or deadlifting your own weight. However, it always seems to boil back down to the scale. Its kind of like your arch nemesis. 

When you feel like your on a roll by eating the right foods, hitting all your macros and going BEAST MODE at the gym. Your excited to step on the scale and see all your hard work and sacrifices pay off. Your butt naked in your bathroom and you turn on the scale, it sets to zero and you step on. The anticipation is killing you.....drum roll please...........and you...........GAINED 3 LBS (insert sad depressing jingle). Your down in the dumps, head right to the fridge and stuff your face with your partner's left over pizza from last night (which you were eyeing all last night). 

I know we all want to go and cry in a corner with our best friend....Ben & Jerry's but thats not going to make the situation better. What is going to make you feel better is what I'm about to tell you.

Every time you see the scale go up it doesn't necessarily mean your gaining fat, there might actually be more to that than meets the eye. Here are some things that may be causing your scale to fluctuate:

1. Nutrition. The digestive system and water play a huge part in the fluctuation you may be seeing. Usually when you see a pound or 2 difference; it may not mean fat loss or muscle gain. It can simply be water retention from slow digesting meals. 

     Carbs also play a factor in weight fluctuations. However, its not what you think. It is not making you fat. Carbs are actually stored with water so when the carbs shuttle to muscle cells; they pull water in to the muscle so that they can have more weight. On higher carb days you WILL notice that the scale increases. It usually takes about 1-2 days after the high carb day for scale to go down. 

2. Muscle Soreness & Inflammation. If you are experiencing this it is an indication of fluid retention

3. Female Hormones. Yes ladies, our month;y aunt flow has a lot to do with the fluctuation in the scale. 

Goes to show you that you should not get discouraged.The scale isn't the TELL ALL to your fitness journey. It is a great way to keep track of what is going on in your body but doesn't necessarily have to be the ONLY thing you should measure when it comes to your progress. So the next time you step onto that scale look and see if any of the above reasons are the culprit for the fluctuation.