Secrets To Getting Stage Ready

I remember when I was getting ready to compete in Miss Florida USA, back in 2011, I was eager to try any 'SECRET" weapon that anyone told me. I would hear whispers here and there about girls taking warm showers in Epsom Salt, others who drowned in preparation H, and the list goes on. Of course I had to try them all but to my disappointment none of them worked. 

I was always looking for a secret weapon that would just vanish my fat. Unfortunately, I never did find this secret formula..........until now. 

This is what has worked for me and since we are all friends here, we shouldn't have secrets from one another. So let me share with you what has helped me manage to manipulate my fat. 

The goal is to free up lipids in order to achieve a great re-comping of your body. 

Please be advised that this is what works for me and everyone is different. You also have to be following a proper nutrition and training program. If you need help with that I can assist you here. 

 I use Berberine. I take one pill 20 minutes prior to cardio. My cardio varies. I usually start with some intervals in order to free up lipids and then go into steady state to burn it off. 

While I am doing cardio I use a topical version of Yohimine. I apply it to all the areas of stubborn fat that I have. 


I hope this help you all...until the next one.