Can You Change The Composition Of Your Body

Before I answer the question whether or not you can change your body's composition, I'd like to start by stating what exactly is body composition. It is the amount of body fat and muscle you have on your frame. 

Can we change body composition? YES. We do so by losing body fat and having more lean body mass. 

Countless hours of cardio and low calorie diet will NOT, I repeat..WILL NOT help you change your body's composition. Despite what many of us have been taught to believe, doing the restricted diet with endless hours of cardio will not let you retain muscle. You will actually end up losing muscle and lean body mass making you look "skinny fat". 

How can we ensure that this will not happen to us?

1. Weight Train and specifically using your Type 2 Muscle Fiber. These are the fast twitching muscles that look more tense and fuller. They are used in more explosive workouts such as sprinting. If you look at the sprinter in the Olympics, you will see they have a more muscular frame than those that run long distance. 

2. Eat Protein. The average amount a person should eat in order to ain muscle tissue is 1 gram of protein per body weight. I f you weigh 130lbs you should be consuming 130 grams of protein in a day. 

3. Stay away from endurance training. Don't sign up for any marathons in the near future during your building phase. Once you have enough muscle built and you enjoy long distance running then go for it. 

Next Week's post I will show you how I manipulate my fat to get my body ready for competition.