Tenergy Vitalis: Body Fat Scale

Who here enjoys weighing themselves, please say “I’………crickets.

You are not alone. Many of my clients come to me with some sort of trauma they’ve had with the weight scale. There is a 50/50 chance that they NEVER use that dreaded object. Some of them hide it away in the bathroom closet collecting dust and occasionally let it catch some light when they want to weigh luggage to prevent that $50 “overweight” fee. The other half are the complete opposite and would sleep with the scale right next to them so they can track every ounce of beverage and food that goes into their body. Either one is extremely unhealthy, which is where I come in. I like to teach my clients that the scale is not this evil creature out to get you nor is it the tell-all of your fitness journey. Instead, I teach them to have a healthy relationship with the scale.



The best way to use the scale is by weighing yourself once a week (usually on the same day), first thing in the morning after you potty and before you brush your teeth. This will give you your true weight. However, weight is only a number and there are so many factors that affect it: water intake, elimination, salt intake, hormones, that time of the month, sleep (or lack there of), and training. This is why I don’t think it is the best way to track your progress. Instead its more of a way to keep you accountable and just see how your body responds to certain things. This is why I encourage all my clients to get themselves a body fat scale. There is one in particular that I absolutely love and have been incorporating it into my routine. It’s the TenergyVitalis Body Fat Scale. This scale truly allows me to track my progress and really helps me understand what is happening with my body, other than a weight number. The Tenergy Scale allows me to know more about my BMI, body age, muscle mass, hydration level, bone density, visceral fat, and body fat. All of these factors are so much more important than just knowing your weight. They also don’t fluctuate as much as weight does and isn’t affected by as many factors like weight does.


I’m sure most of you have heard that muscle weighs more than fat, right? This is what makes this scale probably one of the best that I have ever used. It reads me my Body fat which is important to know in order to tailor my workouts and nutrition to make gains.



Now I know you’re probably thinking that you have to be a fitness professional in order to use this scale. That’s the best part…. you don’t. The people at Tenergy have made it extremely user friendly that anyone can use it. What is even cooler is that they have an app that connects to your scale! That way you can always have your information saved onto your phone. I know that it has made my life a lot easier because I would sometimes forget to write down my information and get really frustrated because I would have no way of tracking my progress for that week.Well now I don’t need to worry about forgetting to log in my information because the app does it automatically. All you need to do is have your phone opened to the app, step on the scale and as the scale reads your information, the app automatically saves it! That’s it! How easy?



The app itself is simple to navigate and is very straightforward. Once you download it, you have to enter your information such as height, age and sex and the app does the rest. It keeps records of all your logs so that if you ever have a day where you’re feeling down about your progress, you can go see some of your past logs and see how far you’ve come. The app also helps you in any area that you need work on. If it notices your body fat is high it will give you some nutrition tips so you can lower it. If you’re dehydrated, it gives you tips to drink more water. It is so cool to be able to have something that keeps you accountable to your goals.


This scale has really changed the way that I track my progress. I no longer have to spend $$ going to get my biomechanics measured at some lab, now I can do it in the convenience of my own home and as often as I’d like. You can find the scale on Amazon or go to the direct link here  http://bit.ly/scaleMP. Take 15% off this scale with my discount code STRONGER15(apply at checkout). Hurry code expires 11/ 01 /2018