What Supplements should You take?

Whenever someone embarks on a fitness journey, its is human nature to want to go all in. Meaning you want to buy every fruit and vegetable in the grocery store, new gym clothes and accessories and most importantly supplements. My clients are always asking me what is the best supplement that they can get for the  best results. The fitness industry has led us all to believe that without these supplements we will never get the results that we want.

However, I always tell my clients that supplements are just that. They supplement your nutrition and workouts. If you’re not eating in a caloric deficit and only taking supplements then you will have a tough time losing weight. If you’re not eating in a caloric surplus and your goal is to gain muscle mass but your taking creatine, muscle gainer, BCAAs you will also have a hard time.

When it comes to supplements, they take the supporting role. We should really be focusing more on eating nutrient dense foods and staying within our macro count depending on our goals. Once you have that down then you can go ahead and add some supplements to your diet (always consult with a doctor prior).

These are the supplements that I take and suggest to my clients: