Changing My Fitness Routine

If you follow me on Instagram and Youtube  then you know there have been a couple changes to my fitness routine. I no longer want to train as a bodybuilder, but as an athlete. I got tired of obsessing over my body and how it looked. Whether I needed to grow my glutes, shrink my hips, get bigger shoulders, the list goes on. I've been doing that since my pageant days and it just got old. I just wanted to be free and have a healthier mindset.

This photoshoot was the day after a competition in 2014. 

This photoshoot was the day after a competition in 2014. 

I believe that another one of the major factors why I chose to change was the fluctuation of my weight. You go from being unhealthy and skinny while on prep to a little too much junk in the trunk. The torture you put your body through while being on prep is at a whole other level. Dehydrating so that your muscles can pop on stage; not only is it unhealthy but it leads to premature aging. I just didn't think that all of that was worth it. I mean honestly, for what? What are you putting your body through this for? For a trophy? For a little card that says you’re a pro? My heart wasn't in it anymore.

I had been contemplating the idea of power-lifting and crossfit for many months. I had come across Brooke Ence's page on Instagram. She is an absolute beast at the gym and a dedicated athlete. Did you read that last word? Athlete. Well that is exactly what I wanted to be, an athlete. Someone who focuses more on the sport rather than how her body looks. If you end up getting abs out of it well then that is a bonus. Instead it’s about how much weight you can snatch. What was your fastest mile and my least favorite, gymnastics work. I longed for that value and purpose in my training.


Funny thing is when I started in the fitness industry about 6 years ago, I hated crossfit. I was guilty of talking trash about it. However, that’s from not knowing any better and not educating myself more on it. I was only focused on getting abs and being thin. Which I think is the real reason I started competing in bodybuilding, to be thin while I was on prep. But is it worth it? I mean you’re only thin for a couple months and then you start gaining weight again because there in no way you can stay stage-lean all year round. It’s also NOT healthy.  

I was watching a Youtube video with Brooke Ence and Steve Cook on training. Brooke was taking Steve through a typical crossfit workout and he was struggling a lot because it was a lot of endurance work. As a bodybuilder he is used to just lifting weights and that’s it. However, he said something that really stuck with me " When I was an athlete, I was able to stay lean and I was training my ass off."  "Bodybuilding teaches you if you want to lose weight you have to eat less and if you restrict yourself then all you can think about is food." When I heard him say that I immediately knew I had to change my routine and I did.

It’s one month later, and I have been enjoying my new training style. I am pushing myself to places I didn't know I could go. I struggle with gymnastics work and some of the power-lifting moves like the snatch but that just means I have to work harder and when I finally DO master these moves it is just that much more satisfying.


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