My Mom’s Birthday Staycation at The Diplomat Beach Resort

July 4th has always been a holiday for my family. Not only because it is America's Independence day but it is also my mom's birthday! How crazy is that? Typically we go away on a long weekend vacation. Unfortunately, this year was not the same because my mom had to undergo her chemo treatment.  


If you know me well then you know how big I am on birthdays. While others typically celebrate for only a day, I like to celebrate the entire month haha! Anyways, I love making everyone feel special on their birthday. My mom is definitely no exception. When it came time to think of a gift, I knew that I wanted to give her more than just material posessions. I like to really consider the gift, and what the person could really use at that moment. So I thought,  what better gift than a staycation?! My mom was in much need of a relaxing day to forget about all of her worries and problems. A day to feel like the Queen she is. 

A couple of weeks prior to the 4th, I had attended a #burnandbrunch event at the Diplomat Beach Resort  in Hollywood, FL. I was no stranger to this hotel since it hosted the Miss Florida USA pageants for many years while I was competing. However, I noticed that they completely renovated the hotel and it was so beautiful; just absolutely gorgeous. It was then that I thought to gift my mom a couple days at the Westin Diplomat for a staycation for her birthday. I decided to contact the PR company that had invited me to the #burnandbrunch event to see if I could organize something nice for her. 

To make a long story short, they connected me with the Marketing team for the Diplomat Beach Resort. I explained to them everything going on with my mom and her diagnosis. Their response to me was not something I was expecting by any means. They told me that the  Diplomat would love to host my mother and a guest for 2 nights. Say what?!? I could not believe it! They also provided her with comped dinners at 2 of their extraordinary restaurants, a pool cabana, free valet, and  a massage at the spa. I mean can they be any nicer?

My mom arrived to the Diplomat on July 3rd and the moment she stepped foot in the hotel they treated her like a queen. The entire staff was extremely kind and helpful with her. Her room was an ocean suite with the most incredible view. The room was also incredibly spacious. They had a gift basket waiting for her when she arrived. The state of the art rooms where equipped with coffee and water for her. A huge terrace overlooking the ocean. There was a sitting area with a dining table, sofa, television and plenty of chairs. The bathroom had a tub and a shower. The shower had cascading water that came from the roof! And a private toilet with a telephone.All of the The furniture was teak wood that gave it the beautiful beach vibe that many tourists come to Florida for. It was all just absolutely glamorous. 


On the day of her birthday, my mother sat outside on the terrace, and sipped a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise....exactly how she likes. She had a massage scheduled for that day, unfortunately,  due to the chemo, the massage was not possible. The therapist told her that massages are meant to spread everything in the body and that it might spread the cancer....major "no no." Even-though there was that small hiccup, it didn't put a damper her day. That night at Monkitail; she enjoyed a delicious meal and the staff came out to sing her happy birthday! 


Honestly, my mother had one of the best birthdays of her life. Although, she may not have been able to travel, the Diplomat definitely made her feel like she was vacationing on a private island. For those 2 days she was able to forget about chemo, cancer, feeling bad, and all her other worries and stresses. This was her day! 

I honestly don't know how to thank Ana Marquez from Tara Inc and the entire Diplomat Beach Resort  staff for everything they did for my mom. It was so much more than just hosting her for 2 nights. It gave her the opportunity to breathe again. To live outside the hospital, nurses, doctors, etc. it was a chance to be normal again. My mother and I are extremely grateful for everything that was done and for everyone that made this happen. 


I absolutely encourage everyone to stop by the Diplomat Beach  Resort if you are ever in Florida. I promise you that you will have the time of your life. The hotel staff is superb. The rooms are extremely clean and the food is awesome. Oh and can't forget the 2 pools they have and the spectacular beaches!! 


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