How to Plan Your Workouts for the Week

At work you have endless to-do lists and deadlines of when to finish them. At home, you likely have a calendar with all of your kids shows, doctor appointments, school events, etc. So for every aspect of your life you have a schedule for when you should do things. Why should the gym be any different?

There is actually an 80% success rate for those that pre-plan their gym sessions and routines. It may seem silly but having a schedule of what to do at the gym gives you confidence. You go in there knowing exactly what you need to do and you just get it done, without even thinking twice. You won't feel intimidated by the other gym rats and all the loud, grunting noises. Even if you don't go to a gym and workout from home; more props to you for having the motivation to do that, it is  important to visually focus on what it is that you will be working on that day. I usually review my workout plan the night before (I workout at 5am) so when I wake up I already know what to expect. 

Ok so now that I have you sold on the scheduling, you may now be thinking, "How do I even plan out a workout schedule?" It is pretty simple actually. Here are my tips for planning out your workouts for the week.

1.Know Your Goals

First, you need to set out your specific goals and what areas you want to focus on more. Maybe you want bigger glutes, or want a super ripped six-pack! Be sure to incorporate great workouts for those specific areas.


2. Choose Your Days

Second, set out a realistic amount of days that you will be working out; anywhere from 3-6 times a week is a great start.


3.Put It All Together

Lastly, just put the pieces together. Depending on whatever your goals may be: gaining muscle, losing weight, gaining strength, maintaining, etc. I will show you a couple examples of schedules for you to follow.


Below are a few plans I’ve put together that you can follow along with catered to your specific goals:


Gaining Muscle:

* Whatever body part you want to grow, work on it  2x a week* Say for example your goal is to grow your glutes:

Monday: Glutes 

Tuesday: Shoulders

Wednesday: Quads

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Glutes/ Hamstrings

Saturday: Chest/Tri

Sunday: Back/ Bi

Monday: Rest

* Include 2 days of 15 minute HIIT cardio


Losing Weight:

* You want to make sure you are burning more calories than you consume in order to lose weight* This is why you want to do more exercises that keep your heart rate up. 

Monday; Full Body Circuit

Tuesday: Plyo

Wednesday: Lower Body Circuit

Thursday: Upper Body Circuit

Friday: Full body Circuit

Saturday: Cardio/ Track Day

Sunday: Rest

* 2 days 20-30 minute steady state cardio*


Feel free to switch around these workout days to what works best with your schedule!

I hope these tips help and can’t wait to hear about your workout journey and achieving your goals!

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