5 Reasons Your Not Seeing Results.

Workout goals can mean different things to different people. Some want to lift heavier, lose weight, gain muscle, have more energy, etc. However, the one that most of us struggle with the most is losing weight. It seems that so many of us are looking to lose weight and change our body composition but always fail. 


Whatever your goals may be, if you’re having difficulties,  keep in mind that genetics play a huge role, so don't compare your success rate to others. That being said, there are other factors like sleep, stress and hormones, that also play a part in your progress. It is not impossible but maybe a bit harder. Remember to stay on track and to not lose your focus and make sure that the goals you set reasonable and attainable. (Don't plan on losing 5lbs a week when your still eating the same junk foods!) 

Now, if you've taken into account everything above, have a good workout routine and are eating healthy but your still stuck, then you may need to do one of these to end the road block. 


1. Sleep More

Being sleep-deprived impacts the hormones that control your appetite, urging you to snack and prompting you to reach for quick energy—usually highly caloric sugary and fatty foods. Lack of sleep can also slow down your metabolism and simply leave you with too little energy to work out.

2. Watch your Salt Intake

Yes, salt is important and our body needs it. However, too much can make you retain water, which causes bloating (not something we want). We should be consuming about 1500mg a day. Too much of anything is not good. 

3. Start Eating Whole Foods

Forget packaged foods and start eating real, whole foods. Things that come from the earth. Ditch prepackaged stuff that's often processed and has more added sugar and fewer nutrients. The best way to eat a healthy, balanced diet? Cook for yourself as often as possible.

4. Portion Sizes are Important

We may think we are eating a good amount of food, however, if you were to start measuring out, I could assure you that you're not. It's extremely important to know how much food your consuming so that you can make adequate changes. 

5. Change your Workout Routine

Have you ever sat down and taken a look at your workout routine? You may be doing the same thing over and over, which means your body is already used to this. Even if you're doing a really intense bootcamp everyday, your body will adjust. Change things up a bit. Take a day just for weights, or start swimming for cardio. Little changes can have a huge outcome. 

Those are my general tips for fighting a plateau and not seeing the results you want! I hope they helped you and even just incorporating one of these tips could be the answer you’ve been searching for. If you would like one-on-one coaching, feel free to email me at monikapaezmanagement@gmail.com or check out the workout programs I offer on my page!

Break a sweat,


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