Free Fat Loss Kickstart Video Course

For the past couple months I have been working on a project for all of you. I have completed the final touches and am happy to say that it is finally ready to go LIVE!


In the next couple of days I will be launching my first ever, online fitness course.  You can expect a fun and informative program that will help you lose weight without having to go to the gym. The Starter Course is a three-video fitness and nutrition training program that will get you off on the right foot. I go into detail about Macros; we start from the very beginning teaching you what they are and how you can calculate them in order to start losing weight. You will also learn the ins and outs of MyFitnessPal and how to properly track your macros so that you can succeed in flexible dieting.

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It doesn’t stop there. I also provide you with a WEEK LONG TRAINING PROGRAM. It is the exact  same method that I use to train and same goes for most other fitness influencers you see on IG……split training. I explain why this is the best way to train in order to get the best results and lose weight. I also teach you to understand the different types of cardio there are and how/when you should strategically do it in order to really burn fat and shed the pounds you want.

Want to know the best part about all of this? It is absolutely free! Yup you read correct….FREE! I am giving you all of this because I was once in your shoes feeling insecure, depressed and ashamed of the weight I had to lose. I want to help you get back to feeling like the YOUNG and BEAUTIFUL woman that you are!

Not only am I sharing three (3) FREE coaching videos with you, I’m also providing you with access to a few of my favorite tools, including:

  • Understanding Macros. What Are Macros? A brief introduction and easy guide on what to eat, when and why.

  • My Macro Cheat Sheet

  • A Sample Weekly Menu

  • A Weekly Meal Tracking Worksheet

  • A Weekly Exercise Tracking Worksheet

Are you ready to start losing weight with me? Need someone to keep you accountable? Tired of putting off YOUR needs because of work, family or friends? Not sure what to eat for weight loss? Let me help you by signing up here for your FREE FAT LOSS KICKSTART VIDEO course.

Let me know who will be joining me in this FREE week long course down below! And as always, if you have any questions please reach out and I promise to answer them!