Butt Workouts that Get You the Best Results

If there were only one body part that all of us ladies wanted to grow it would be the…GLUTES!

Some ladies are born being bootylicious while the rest of us have to work for it. I’ve been able to grow mine slowly but late last year I decided to turn over my glute training to the one and only “glute guy”- Bret Contreras. This man is the Einstein of our generation when it comes to exercise science specifically for glutes. Even though I am well trained in building glutes, I feel like you can never learn enough. I wanted to get to the giddy-giddy of it all and help other women who suffer from “pancake ass syndrome”. I began training with Bret over 3 months ago and I have already learned so much and I am here to share it with you.

  1. Don’t be afraid to train your glutes 2-6x a week. If you’re going to do 20 different exercises for your glutes, it is actually more beneficial to do them over a course of time rather than all in one day.

  2. Mix up your exercises. Perform exercises that are known as “stretchers” and “activators”, along with pumping movements. An example of Stretchers would be deadlift or squats. Pumpers: Banded pulse squats.

  3. The Thrust is a must. Hip thrust, hip thrust hip thrust. You can perform different variations daily.

  4. Do not over do on cardio. Try to stay away from running long distance as this breaks down muscle. Sprints are ok.

  5. Progressive Overload.  Each week you should be increasing your training volume or weight. If you did DB hip thrusters this week with 35 lbs for 12 reps, next week you can do 40 lbs for 12 reps. If you’re not able to perform the exercise without keeping proper form then increase reps to 15 and stir with the same 35 lbs.


Here is a sample routine


3x 10 Box Squats

3x12 Leg Press (Feet Wide)

2x30 Frog pumps (pumper to finish off)


4x12  Barbell Hip thrusts

3x15 Band KB Swing

2x20 Banded Squat Bounce

Wednesday: REST


3x20 1 ¼ Barbell Hip thrust

3x12 DB Goblet Squat

2x20 Banded Cha-Cha (pumper to finish off)


3x8-12 Bulgarian Split Squats w/ front foot elevated (more recovery possible because of weekend)

3x20 Donkey Kicks

2x20 Monster Walk

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