Motivational Post: Why your Biggest Competitor is really Yourself

Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at pictures of other girls and comparing them to you? Could it be that you think they have a better butt? Tighter abs? More followers? You might think, ‘How can you be better than her?’ so that you can feel successful and happy. Many of my clients have come to me wishing that they looked like so and so or they like the way that (blank) looks. Fortunately, we are all different and have different body types (even twins) so no 2 people will ever look the same. I teach them to embrace their body and focus on working on getting their best results. Of course, this is a long process that we work on together but once they realize this they begin to get amazing results.

The truth is that whether you achieve any of that or not, none of it will ever make you happy. That Girl will always be one step ahead of you because she is only concerned with herself. Instead of focusing on yourself, you are worried about her and are focused on wanting to be like her. If you continue on, this will be a battle you will never win and it will just cause you sadness. Another problem with this is that even if you “win”, you only do something that’s important to them, not you. It also sucks to bring such negativity to our lives. We should start everyday on a positive note.

Instead, I want you to focus on yourself! Focus on being a better version of who you were yesterday. It doesn’t matter how many followers she has and how many times she goes to the gym. For all you know she can be sitting on her phone hogging up the leg extension machine. She may have a surgeon to thank for that body you really never know. Sorry for being so blunt but it’s the truth..

Worry on how you can improve your squats so that you're getting the most out of your workout and actually improving your leg strength. Don’t put in minimal effort- really go for it and make your workout count for YOU. Not for anybody else.

See the competition as a way to inspire and enlighten yourself rather than as an opportunity to disappoint yourself. You will be much more successful in the long run if you view your competition as inspiration to keep improving for you and your goals every single day.