Weekly Workouts

I have exciting news: Weekly Workouts will now have videos! i started filming a couple of the moves for y’all so that you can visually see it. I know that I am a visual learner so I hope this helps.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

Here is this week’s workout routine:

* Sets that have 10/10/10 means Dropset: lowering weight w/ every set. One set= 10/10/10….Repeat as many times as indicated.

Monday: Leg, Chest

  • 50 Leg Extension

  • 20 Push-ups

  • Leg Extension: 2x 5/7/10/15 Superset Chest Press: 2x15

  • Seated leg Press 4x15/15/25/25 Superset Leg Extension: 4x21

  • Chest press: 2x15 superset Chest Fly Machine: 2x12

  • smith Machine Squats: 3x15 Superset Bench Press: 3x15

  • 100 ft Lunges

  • Leg Curls: 1x12/15/20/25

Tuesday: 30 Minute LISS

Wednesday: Back, Shoulders

  • Side Dumbbell Laterals: 3x 100/25/50 SupersetSide Dumbbell Laterals Seated: 3x21 Superset Dumbbell Shoulder press: 3x15

  • Lat Pulldown: 3x15 Superset Seated rows: 3x15

  • Pulldowns w/ Triangle: 3x8 Superset Pulldowns w/ Triangle (Lying Way Back):3x21 Superset Smith Machine Row 3x12

  • Dumbbell Front Raise: 3x20/10/7 SupersetOne Arm Dumbbell Back Rows: 3x12(ea. arm)

  • Thursday: Biceps, Triceps, Legs

  • Bicep Curl: 4x25 Superset Tricep Cable Pulldown: 4x25 Superset Leg Press: 4x25/21/15/12

  • Leg Extension: 3x25 Superset One Arm Preacher Curl: 3x12 Superset Tricep Cable Pulldown (underhand grip): 3x21

  • Leg Curl: 3x21 Superset Cable Bicep Curl w/ straight Bar: 3x21 Superset Dumbbell Bicep Extension: 3x21

  • Dumbbell Hammer Curl: 3x15( ea. arm) Superset Dips: 3x21

Friday: HIIT + Abs

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Rest Day