Tips for staying Healthy on Vacation

Happy Saturday Babes!

Super stoked today because not only is it the weekend but I am leaving to Disney World with the fam!! woo-hoo! I couldn’t be more excited because I haven’t been in a minute. Plus, after the stress of the move I really need to disconnect and just have fun! Be a kid again, you know?!

With vacationing comes the dreaded extra LBS. We are just going for a weekend but it still can be hard to stay on track and gain a couple LBS. But, I have to remind you that the 2-3 lbs you may gain, would most likely be water retention since we tend to forget  to hydrate while on vacation….I’m guilty of this. But there are ways to enjoy your vacation and still be healthy and not have to ruin all your hard work.



  1. Plan ahead. I prepared my food last night so I don’t have to bother with that today. I also didn’t go crazy cooking food like I used to. Instead, I packed some protein bars, protein muffins, and some tuna.

  2. Hydrate. I like to bring my Hydra-Flask with me so that my water stays cold. Especially when going to the parks when it gets so hot, it is important to stay hydrated. I personally can not tolerate hot water.

  3. Stay active. Try to get in your workout as you normally would. If you can’t, just try to walk a little more. Do something that gets you moving.

  4. Rest. After all, that is why you’re on vacation right? :)

  5. Avoid late night eating. Especially if you’re not used to it, it can really make you feel sick and mess with your digestion.

  6. Eat Fiber. This one is super important. Eat your fibrous veggies and up your fiber intake. Elimination usually becomes an issue while vacationing so it is important to try and be regular.

I also have a couple more tips on my Instagram if you wanna check it out! and follow me on Instagram for all the craziness from this weekend :)