Weekly Workouts

After yesterday’s festivities, its actually great that today’s workout is a large muscle group; legs. You can burn off those extra calories you consumed, and put all that food and alcohol to good use by pushing it to our muscles and making some gains.


DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

Here is this week’s workout routine:

Shorties: Staying at the bottom of the movement and doing very little movements. Do not do FULL ROM.


  • Barbell Back Squats:: 3x15 Superset Leg Press: 3x25/15/10 Superset Leg Extension: 4x25/15/10S

  • Leg Press (all the way down until it hits the stop): 4x15 Superset Leg Curls: 4x12/15/21/25

  • HackSquats: 3x15 (no weight) shorties

Tuesday: LISS CARDIO (20-25 Minutes)

Wednesday: Back

  • Bent Over Rows: 3x15 (ea. arm) (heavy) Superset Bent Over Rows: 3x15 (light -med weight)Superset Dumbbell Laterals: 3x15

  • Lat Pulldowns : 3x5 (with triangle & heavy) Superset Lat Pulldown (Light w/ triangle): 3x10 Superset Plate Pullovers: 3x15

  • Reverse Lat Pulldowns: 3x15 Supersetset Seated Rows (w/ triangle): 3x15

  • Deadlifts: 3x10

    Thursday: Arms + Light legs

  • EZ Bar Bicep Curl: 3x15 Superset Tricep Pulldown (w/ triangle): 3x21 Superset Zottman Curls: 3x15 Superset Dumbbell Kickbacks: 3x21 Superset Seated Laterals: 3x15 Superset Seated Front Raises w/ Plate: 3x12

  • Leg Extensions: 3x21 Superset Machine preacher curl: 3x15 Superset Dumbbell Tricep Extension: 3x21

  • Leg Curl: 3x21 Superset Incline Hammer Curl: 3x15 Superset Dips: 3x21

Friday: Take your favorite Group Fitness class!

Saturday: Rest Day or Optional Cardio Day

Sunday: Rest Day