Spring Clean your Workout Routine

Ladies, it is time to change-up your workout routine!

I know that you may be really enjoying your workouts, you’re used to the schedule, and you’ve already got a routine going. Well that’s just the problem; it's routine! Once your body has adjusted to these motor pattern movements,you're not going to see the results you want. Another problem you may be having is that mentally, you’ve checked out. You’re just going through the movements and not really making any muscle/mind connections. That is why we have to Marie Kondo your workout and I’m here to help you with that!

First of all, if you’re not already following along with  my weekly workouts then... what are you doing?? No but really, you should definitely be doing them because I am always changing it around and challenging your body so you can get  the results you want. I post the weekly workouts every Monday at (3am) and you can find them here.


Another way to switch up your regular routine is to take your workouts outside - especially now that Summer is right around the corner and the weather is warming up. If you’re only doing cardio or cardio classes, then it's time to pick up the weights, chica! I know it can be intimidating but if you have a plan and know what you’re doing, it will be so much easier.

Another way to switch it up is by changing the duration of your workouts. If they are currently an hour long, perhaps you can try doing some 30 minute workouts that are higher energy and will leave you breathless.

One that will really challenge you is committing yourself to a race. If you’ve never done one this is perfect for creating motivation and purpose for your workouts. There are always races going on, you just need to check in your local area. The website www.active.com is a great resource to see races coming up in your area. However,, be cautious with this because you may become addicted!

Lastly, you should contact a friend and start working out with them. It will bring a totally different mix to the table and it's a great way to spend some quality time together.

Comment below with some purges you’d like to do to your current fitness routine!

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