Why You Should take Progress Pictures on your Fitness Journey


So you’ve started a new diet and exercise program. You keep weighing yourself but there are no changes on the scale. However, everyone keeps telling you that you look amazing! Your face is thinner, your legs are leaner and your body is just smoking. You shrug your shoulders and say “thank you” or “thanks, I’m trying”. The truth is that you really don’t believe what people are telling you and keep feeling frustrated. You’re feeling so overwhelmed with frustration that you decided to stop at the golden arches on your way home from work and eat away your sorrows!

Sound familiar? Yup, that was me when I first started too! I would only base my progress on the scale! I would weigh myself 1x a week and somehow that number would go up even after an entire week of eating rabbit food! It wasn’t until I began competing in NPC Bikini Bodybuilding Competitions that I understood what progress pictures were. My first coaches asked for pictures when I began with them and continued to every week after that. I didn’t get it at the beginning but as week’s past it became clearer to me: Progress Pictures are imperative for your progress.

The scale is not the best tool to base your progress on. There are so many aspects that go into your weight, that it is not extremely accurate of your weight in fat. Your weight can change based on things like water, stress, sleep and muscle mass. This is why I ask ALL my clients (competitors and non-competitors) to send me weekly pictures. You can truly see the changes. It is also better than looking at yourself in the mirror because you can put pictures from months ago side by side and see the changes! This will bring your motivation back when you think you’ve lost it.

The best ways to take Progress Pictures so that you can truly see the progress are...

  • Take them in the morning before eating or drinking anything

  • In natural light

  • Wearing the same outfit (this can be a bikini, underwear, tight shorts and bra). You want to wear something that really accentuates your body so baggy clothes will not work here.

  • If you don’t have someone to take them for you then use the self timer on your phone.

  • Take the pictures on the same day every week and preferably around the same time as well.

Let me know in the comments below if you take progress pictures to track your progress.