Weekly Workouts

Here is this week’s workout routine:

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

Shorties: Perform Squats but do NOT come all the way up. Stay at the bottom portion of the squat until all reps are completed)

Monday: Legs, Shoulders + 30’ LISS (15’ bike +15’ Elliptical)

  • Leg Extension 9x35/35/25/25/15/15/7/7/7 Superset Leg Curls 9x10 Superset DB Laterals 9x21 Superset Machine Shoulder Press 9x21

    • 1 Min Jog

  • Banded Goblet Squat: 3x21 Superset Weighted Walking Lunges: 3x15 (ea. leg) Superset Cable Front Squat (shorties) 3x21 Superset Weighted Walking Lunges: 3x15(ea.side)

    • 1 Min Jog

  • Leg Press: 4x25 (open,close,open,close)

Tuesday: Take a spinning or Boxing Class

Wednesday: Back, Bicep,Abs

  • Barbell Bicep Curl(Heavy): 3x7 Superset Barbell Bicep Curl: 3x15 (lower bar weight) Superset 3x21 (lower bar weight) Superset Lat Pulldowns: 3x15 Superset Decline Crunches: 3x50

  • One arm Dumb Bell Row: 3x 10 (ea. arm) Superset Chest Supported Rear Delt Dumbell Fly: 3x15 Superset Preacher Curl: 3x15

  • Lat Pulldowns (Bar behind head): 3x21 Superset 3x20 Captain’s Chair

Thursday: Chest, Triceps + 20’ HIIT

  • Incline Dumbell Chest Press: 4x15 Superset Tricep Rope Pulldown: 4x21 Push-Ups Superset 4x10

    • 3 Minute Elliptical Steady Pace

  • Flat Dumb Bell Fly: 4x15 Superset Tricep Dip: 4x15 Superset Push-up: 4x10

    • 3 Minute Elliptical Steady Pace

  • Hammer Strength Chest Press Machine: 4x10 Superset Dumb Bell Kick Backs: 4X20 Superset Push-ups: 4x10

  • Roman Chair Leg Lifts: 3x21

Friday: Butt + 30’ LISS

  • Barbell Hipthrusts: 4x15

  • Box Squat: 4x15 Superset Weighted Step-Ups: 4x15

  • Cable Pull-Through: 4x15

  • Dumb Bell Deadlift: 4x15 Superset Smith Machine Single Leg Deadlift: 4x10(ea. leg)

Saturday: Take a Cycle Class

Sunday: Rest Day