Weekly Workouts

We are really targeting the shoulders & glutes this week.

DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

Here is this week’s workout routine:

Monday: Legs, Some Shoulders + Cardio

  • 100 ft lunges

  • 2 Rounds: Start off heavy and decrease with each set. (you do NOT need to do the weigts I suggest, it is just so you see what I mean)

    • Goblet Dumbbell Squats:20 (Ex: 40 lbs)

    • Dumbbell Shoulder Press:21(Ex: 10lbs)

    • Goblet Dumbbell Squats:20 (Ex: 30 lbs)

    • Dumbbell Laterals:30(Ex: 8lbs)

    • Goblet Dumbbell Squats:20 (Ex: 25 lbs)

    • Dumbbell Front Raises:40 (Ex:5lbs)

    • 30 sec jog+ 30 sec sprint

  • Stationary Deficit Lunge: 3x21 (ea. leg) Superset Leg Press :3x25

  • Leg Curls: 4x10/10/10/21 (decrease weight for last set) Superset One Leg Leg Press: 4x25

Tuesday: HIIT Cardio & Abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Back, Shoulders + Abs

  • Dumbbell Laterals: 5x50/35/21 Superset Shoulder Press: 5x21

  • Vertical Lat Pulldown: 5x21 Superset Lat Pulldown Looking Away Behind Neck: 5x25

  • Seated Rows:: 5x21 Superset Barbell Row Underhand Grip: 5x25 Superset Weighted Crunches: 5x25

  • Chest Press Machine: 3x15

  • Roman Chair Leg Lifts: 3x21

Friday: Butt + 30’ LISS

  • Lunges: 100ft w/ Weights

  • Smith Machine Squats (Ass to Grass) 3x21 Superset Deadlifts:3x21

  • 2 Rounds:

    • Lunges: 20 w/ weight

    • Lunges:: 30 w/ no weight

    • Lunges: 30 w/ no weight

    • Lunges: 20 w/ weight

  • Roman Chair Leg Lifts: 3x21

Saturday: Take a Cycle Class

Sunday: Rest Day

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