Skincare Routine Basics

I always get the same reaction every time I tell someone my age...utter shock! No-one can believe that I’m 32 and if I'm being honest, neither can I. I believe age is just a number and the test of your true age is how you view life. Many think that I am around 23-25 years old (I got 18 once haha). I do feel that age and I view myself like that as well. Maybe you call it immature but I call it positivity and free living.

Personality has a lot to do with looking young but skincare also goes hand in hand. If your not treating your skin correctly then no matter how free spirited you are, you will look older. Part of the reason why I stopped competing was that the women looked so old and of course they would because your constantly dehydrating yourself in these competitions. It sounds cliche but water is crucial to good skin. I drink a gallon a day and it is extremely hydrated. Staying away from the sun (I live in Miami but look how white I am) is another crucial factor; sunless tanning should be your best friend.

As far as my daily skincare routine, I have to thank my long time friend and brow wiz; Ana Caralt, for always taking such good care of my skin. She was the one that first introduced me to Pevonia and now PCA. The best part of these products is that they are solely a skincare line and you can’t find them at your local department store. Most of those lines are overpriced and filled with a whole bunch of ingredients that aren’t good for your face. PCA are great products that are affordable and honestly keep your skin super healthy, no matter your age.



  1. I start off my washing my face with Pevonia Caviar Line.

  2. I then use Witch Hazel toner.

  3. I dab a pea size amount of the eyeXcellence around my eyes.

  4. Mix a blend of the Vitamin C & E cream, Hydrating Serum and Rejuvenating serum.

  5. Finish off with SPF 30.


  1. If I have any make-up on I will remove it with eye makeup remover & Micellar Water.

  2. I wash my face, usually in the shower.

  3. Spray some Witch Hazel Toner.

  4. Every other night I will use Retinol Cream. This one in particular is light enough to be used during the summer.

Some other things that I do is get facial at least once a month and I have also gotten some Botox done along my crows feet, between my brows, and forehead.

I’d love to hear some of your go-to skin-care routines in the comments below!