How to Create a Fitness Routine that Works For You


Not everyone is the same, which is a good thing. If not how boring would the world be. Can you imagine if everyone were trainers? There would be no doctors, lawyers, accountants and the list goes on. Just like everyone is going to have a different career path, everyone will enjoy different things when it comes to fitness.

I have dabbled in a couple different paths of fitness until I finally found my calling and passion. I tried running, crossfit, swimming but I always return to my love of weight lifting. I am going to share a couple of tips that help me assess my clients and that also worked for me.

  • Evaluate what you can do: There are some people that can’t do certain exercises because of injuries or medical conditions. This would be the first thing you need to think about when figuring out what routine works for you. If you have knee injuries, I would probably stay away from running. Any kind of shoulder issue would not be ideal for yoga. If you have a heart condition then High Intensity workouts like Crossfit or boot camps would be out of the question.

  • Be able to fit it into your lifestyle: If your always pressed for time, you may want to consider Crossfit. Their classes usually run for about 30 minutes. Don’t aim to train at hours that will not work for you!

  • Stay Accountable: If you struggle with accountability you may want to invest in hiring a trainer. That is the best way to always stay accountable. Not only because they will have you do 50 burpees if you miss a class but the money you will be investing is also a great motivation.

  • Find a workout buddy: It's always easier with a friend. Try to find someone who has the same interests and can workout with you at the same time. If you can’t find one, then join a class or workout program like Fit 45, Crossfit, Bootcamp, which you will make friends in an instant.

  • Introvert or Extrovert: Dealing with crowds and groups of people isn’t really your thing? Then try weightlifting. you put your headphones on and zone out to the beat of your own drum.


Here are some fun fitness routine options that you can consider

  1. Crossfit

  2. Zumba

  3. Fit45

  4. Weightlifting

  5. Running

  6. Triathlons

  7. Powerlifting

  8. Power Walkers

  9. Cycling

  10. Bootcamp Classes

What are some things you do to create a fitness routine that works for you?