Weekly Workouts

Here is this week’s workout routine:

  • DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

    • Dropset: Lower weight with each set.

    • Shorties: Perform the bottom portion of the exercise without going all the way up

Monday: Legs + 30’ Fasted Cardio

  • 100 feet Lunges

  • Walking Lunges w/ Dumbbell: 3x20 (ea. leg) Super Set Dumbbell Front Squat: 3x15 Super Set Lunges: 3x20 (ea. leg) Super Set Smith Machine Squats: 3x35 + 20 shorties

  • Leg Extensions:1x25 (Heavy)

  • Butt Blaster Machine: 1x25

  • Leg Extension: 1x35 (Lower Weight)

  • Butt Blaster: 1x25

  • Leg Extension: 1x45 (Lower Weight)

  • Butt Blaster Machine: 1x25

  • Leg Extension: 1x55 (Lower weight & very slow)

  • Seated Leg Press: 3x20 Super Set Leg Curls: 3x21

Tuesday: Cardio + Abs

  • Dead Bugs: 3x10

  • Seated Knee Tucks: 3x20

  • Basic Crunch with Pulse: 3x15

Wednesday: Back, Shoulders

  • Seated Front Raise: 3x15 Super Set Lat Pulldowns: 3x21

  • Seated Laterals: 3x21 Super Set Arnold Press: 3x15 Super Set Seated Back Rows: 3x21

  • Chest Supported Dumbbell Rows: 3x15 Super Set Car Drivers: 3x21

  • T- Bar Rows: 2x21

    • Find a spot in the gym about 100 yards long.

    • Place a barbell overhead and run back and forth. Drop bar and get dumbells do shoulder press until failure: 3x

Thursday: Arms, Legs + 20’ HIIT

  • 100 ft lunges

  • Barbell Bicep Curls: 3x21 Super Set Tricep Pulldowns: 3x25 Super Set Preacher Bicep Curl Machine: 3x21 Super Set Dumbbell Kickbacks: 3x15 Super Set Hammer Curls: 3x15 Super Set Flat Skull Crusher: 3x25

  • 2 min Run

  • Barbell Hip Thrust:3x10 Super Set Split Squat: 3x10 (ea. leg) Super Set Abductor Machine: 3x20 Super Set Adductor Machine: 3x20

  • 2 min run

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 30’ Fasted Cardio

Sunday: Rest Day