How to Eat Healthy on Vacation


If your following me on Instagram, then you know I just got back from a week long cruise. We went on the Carnival Conquest. Which if I’m being on honest, probably needs to retire or be renovated. It is a little old. however, the crew was amazing and the group we traveled with (all 34 of us) made the trip! We went to Grand Turks, St. Thomas (I bought some really good perfume here), Puerto Rico, and Amber Cove. We were at each port with enough time to do what we wanted to do and get back on the boat.

Now, if you’ve been on a cruise then you know there is an abundance of food 24/7. There is even an app so you can order pizza anywhere on the cruise and they will bring it to you. The ice cream is also open 24 hours a day. So obviously it's not the easiest place to be when trying to eat healthy, especially if your only doing it to lose weight and not for the sake of being healthy.  I have no shame in admitting this could be me at times lol. You know when that brownie just calls your name and your momma taught you not to be rude?? Well don’t ignore it and try to avoid it. The truth is that as humans we always want what we can’t have, not sure I completely understand the theory behind it, but it's true.

So instead of just preaching about 100 things that “seem” like the right thing to do and what most coaches & fitspos tell you to do, I’m gonna tell you what I did. Cause you know what? I’m not some goddess of the fitness world that completely avoids temptation and is constantly eating veggies and fruits. Hell no! I enjoy my desserts, maybe a bit too much.  I want you to go in there with the same mindset I did that took me several years to get to. Trust me, it wasn’t always sunshine and puppies for me when it comes to food. You can read all about it here but this is what helped actually end up losing weight on vacation (a cruise no less) and have dessert every day, maybe even twice.

  • One of the major components that throws people off when going on vacation is that they are usually in a deficit (eating fewer calories) in order to lose weight before a vacation (especially the one where you're going to be in a bikini all day/everyday). Most people will likely be consuming 1200-1400 calories prior to their vacay and then shoot up all the way to 2000. The body is not ready for this rapid increase in calories so it tends on holding on to fat and then some. If you know your going to go on a vacation, I suggest you start cutting calories way before and then gradually start increasing before so that the body is not in a huge shock and your hunger signals aren’t thrown off.

  • Since you won’t be measuring your food, let your body guide you with when is too much. One shear indication for me to know that I have overeaten and will most likely be gaining is if I feel extremely stuffed. I usually ate enough to be content but not that I couldn’t move. I also wasn’t sticking to my 6 meals a day so my meals were later. Therefore, I was NEVER hungry within 3 hours of my meals like I normally am.

  • Get moving! Ideally, you should still try to get in a couple workouts while your vacationing. Not only will it allow for your blood to flow and guide rid of water retention, but if you're used to it it will actually make you feel better and make better choices when eating. However, the body also needs rest and if you want to take that time while on vacation make better choices. For instance, on the cruise I barely took the elevator. Instead I would take the stairs for almost everything. This way your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) and allow for your body to burn calories.

  • Hydrate. Most of us will be drinking a lot more alcohol then we normally would so it's important to hydrate!

  • Don’t stress! You’re on vacation, so don’t stress the food. If you ate a burger, that's fine. Maybe stick to a salad and chicken for dinner. Or if you know breakfast is easier to make it healthy, then have your oatmeal and egg whites and leave the dessert for dinner. Also, if your not restricting yourself and allowing yourself to eat the dessert, you are most likely to have a couple bites and then let it go. On the other hand, being restrictive will enable you to eat the entire thing (human nature). You can also try sharing with your special someone and that way you can assure yourself you will eat less.

I hope you enjoyed my tips because these where the exact thing that I practiced while on the cruise. I would love to know any cool vacations you’ve been on and were you able to eat healthy?