Ways to Stay Healthy When You Work at a Desk


Can we just talk for a minute about how great this outfit is to transition into fall? At least for here in Miami lol. A light sweater with some biker shorts and sneakers. Its still cool enough to wear when temperatures aren’t quite that cool but enough to keep you warm when the temperatures drop.

We strive to be healthy but we face some challenges along the way. One of them being: work. Wait Wait Wait! Don’t go rushing to quit your job just yet! What I mean is that a good portion of us sit at our desk for 10+ hours a day. This isn’t the most ideal situation for your health journey but there are little things you can do here and there that can help make your cubicle/desk a much better work environment.

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast. This usually involves eating at home and not at your desk, but it's super important to start your day off on the right foot. Instead of just having a cup of coffee, try making yourself some overnight oats that you can quickly grab in the morning. Eating something will keep you full  (keep you away from the donuts and snack table) and will give you the energy you need for the full day ahead. Make sure to have fat, protein, and carbs in your breakfast.

  2. Drink plenty of water. Keep water at your desk at all times that way you take a sip when you see it. There are so many cute water bottles to choose from that will make it fun and easy to do. Like this one I have that keeps the water cold all day.

  3. Take breaks. Your boss may not like this one but you can let them know that taking breaks actually makes us more productive and creative. It’s important for you to get up and walk around every hour. You need to get your body moving. It's also super important for joint health.

  4. Bring a lunchbox. STOP ordering takeout! It's not only taking a toll on your waistline but your bank account as well! If you have children, you make lunch for them so why not for yourself? Some things that make meal prep is easy is to make large things like proteins and carbs for the whole week. Then you can change them up throughout the week. For instance, one day you can make a chicken breast, the next shreds the chicken and make tacos and the next to make a stuffed sweet potato. Veggies are easy to make daily. I buy the frozen ones, pop in the microwave and done in 5 minutes.

  5. Exercise/ Stretch at work. You can utilize what you have in order to get a quick little pump at work. You can lean on your desk and do some push-ups. As your sitting, try bringing your knees to the chest and back down, also while sitting you can tap your feet really quick to get that heart is up. Lastly, this is something I tell all my clients, over time you go to the restroom, do 20 squats.

I really hope you enjoyed these and I would love to know any ways that you stay healthy at work in the comments below.