Ask a Personal Trainer: FAQs

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Yesterday on Instagram I did a poll on my stories where you guys can ask me anything about fitness. These where some of the common questions I got:

  1. Do you plan out your meals on MFP in advance? The answer is YES! I usually plan out the night before but I eat almost the same thing every day. The one meal that changes for me is dinner because it’s the one where we all sit down as a family and eat together.

  2. What weight should you train with? This honestly depends on every person. But to start you need something that challenges you. If your able to do all the reps without problems then you should increase it a bit. As you start working out more, you will get stronger.

  3. Why do you wake up leaner in the AM and by night you get fat? This is totally normal. However, you are not necessarily “fat”. It just that as the day goes on you eat, drink, etc so your not as lean as you were when you wake up…. totally normal. I suggest all my clients weigh themselves first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom.

  4. Why do you put salt in your intra-workout BCAA? It's for a couple of things. Electrolyte balance, it's super important for those that workout and are sweating. It also helps regulate blood pressure as we train which is important to progress better at the gym and better pumps. I have noticed that I am stronger using more salt. I used to be scared of salt…no no no!

  5. Does creatine make you fat? No, you are not getting fat. Creatine pulls water into your muscle which might bring your weight up. If you do 3-5g for a month, your body will then regulate and you will go back to normal. However, the increase in weight is small compared to all the benefits you get from creatine.

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