Common Exercise Modifications


I’m so glad to see that you ladies (and some gents too) have been enjoying my Weekly Workouts. However, I do realize that not all gyms are built the same and they all don’t have the same equipment. Or you may have an injury that prevents you from doing a particular movement. Unfortunately, I can’t be with you at the gym so I decided to do an overall modification for some of the exercises you see here weekly.

Hack Squat: Straight Bar {on your back} Squat, with a weight plate under your heels only.

Hyperextension Bench: Lying Supermans

Seated Row Machine: Attach the proper handle to any cable machine.  Sit on the floor with the attachment hooked at the lowest pulley.

Barbell: You can sub any barbell exercise with a straight bar!

Barbell Deadlifts: Dumbbell Deadlifts

Leg Press Machine: The only similar substitute would be a Leg Press on Smith Machine OR if you don’t have a smith machine, just sub a standard weighted squat {weight can be on your back or on the front} and/or one leg box squat

Hammer Strength Chest Press Machine: Incline Bench Dumbbell Chest Press

Landmines {in general}: Place a weight plate {making sure it has a hole in the middle} on the floor and place one end of the barbell in that hole.  It acts as a ‘hinge’ and creates a landmine effect.  Another way to create a ‘landmine’ is to find a corner of the gym. Quite literally, a corner where two walls meet and place one end of the barbell in the corner.

Smith Machine Kneeling Hip Thrusts: Straight Bar Kneeling Hip Thrusts

Smith Machine Jump Squats: Straight Bar Jump Squats

Smith Machine Deficit Reverse Lunge: Straight Bar Deficit Reverse Lunge

Side Smith Machine Squat: Dumbbell Side Squat {just place dumbbell on one shoulder}

Smith Machine Hip Thrust: Straight Bar Hip Thrust

Smith Machine Single Leg Deadlift: Single Leg Kettlebell or Dumbbell Deadlift

Smith Machine Sumo Squats: Kettlebell Sumo Squat or Straight Bar Sumo Squat

Smith Machine Bench Press: Straight Bar Chest Press

Bent Over Row: Bent Over Dumbbell Row

Smith Machine Upright Row: Straight Bar Upright Row

Smith Machine Pistol Squats: Single Leg Box Squat

Smith Machine Side Curtsy Lunge: Straight Bar Curtsy Lunge

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