How to Get Back on Track After a Weekend of Indulging

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Weekends can be so much fun! I mean we look forward to Friday since Sunday night! There’s no routine, or work, or school. Just some time to spend relaxing with friends and family. At times things can get a little rowdy. Maybe you went out for some drinks with the girls and you ended up passed out next to the toilet or maybe you tried a new restaurant and maybe went a bit overboard. While a cheat meal is totally ok and actually super recommended, a full day or weekend isn’t the best. But you know what, life happens! Things just go to crap and we kinda go overboard, sometimes on purpose or not. Either way, it's ok if this happens in a blue moon, however, if it becomes a trend every weekend then that's a whole other story. But for that time that may have been a little to lit,  Here are some tips:

1. Hydrate (lots of water)

2. Fiber. Eat fibrous foods that will get you back on track in the bathroom (get what I mean wink wink lol)

3. Rest. You will probably want to spend endless hours at the gym but that is not the correct behavior. Your using working out as a punishment by doing that and in the long run, it will not help you. You also need to reset your system and be able to start fresh.

4. Go back to your usual macros. Don't try to skip foods or eat less.

5. Sauna or Steam room is a great way to release toxins.

Don't stress over it and just go on to your normal life and way of eating. Don't think about it or how you could've done things differently. It happened and it's ok, now just move on. It's ok to enjoy life.

P.S. (I might even add in 3 days of celery juice just to really get everything moving in the system and get in those good nutrients for my body)

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