Weekly Workouts

Here is this week’s workout routine:

  • DISCLAIMER: Always consult with a doctor before beginning any physical program

    • Dropset: Lower weight with each set.

    • Shorties: Perform the bottom portion of the exercise without going all the way up

Monday:Legs (20’ Bike)

  • Barbell Squats: 1x50 (just the bar)

  • Barbell Squats: 4x15 Super Set Weighted Lunges: 4x21

  • Barbell Squats: 1x50 (just the bar) Super Set Lunges: 1x50 (no weight)

  • Leg Press: 4x12 Super Set Banded Dumbbell Deadlifts: 4x8

  • Leg Extension: 4x15

  • Leg Curls: 4x15

Tuesday: Back, Biceps, Chest, Shoulders + 20’ Cardio (Sprint 10’ + Incline Walk 10’)

  • Back Lateral Pulldowns: 1x25

  • Pulldowns: 5x12 Super Set Dumbbell Laterals : 4x15 Super Set Barbell Bicep Curl 5x15

  • One Arm Back Row: 34x10 (ea. arm) Super Set Hammer Strength Chest Press Machine: 4x12

  • Close Grip Pulldown: 4x12 Super Set Straight Arm Pulldown: 4x12

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday:Triceps, Shoulder, Legs

  • Barbell Shoulder Press: 3x15 Super Set Dumbbell Laterals: 3x15 Super Set Shoulder Front Riase w/ Plate: 3 x15 Super Set Barbell EZ Bar Curl 3x15 Super Set Tricep Kickbacks 3x15 Super Set Tricep Extension w/ plate: 3x15 Super Set 1’ Jump Rope Super Set 1’ Sprint

  • 5’ Run

  • Barbell Hip Thrust: 4x10 Super Set Reverse Hack Squats: 4x25

Friday: 30’ Fasted Cardio


  • 4 Rounds
    30 Second Wall Sit w/ Wight
    20 DB Curtsy Lunge
    10 DB Thruster
    10 Burpees
    Rest 90 seconds between rounds.

Sunday: Rest Day