Follow Me Around: A Day in the Life of a Fitness Coach


I realize that it is my JOB to stay fit. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without struggle and sacrifice. A lot of people don’t seem to understand this and just think that A. I workout all day B. Being fit and healthy is easy since I'm in the industry or C. That unlike me they don’t have time to workout because they aren’t at the gym all day like me.

Granted, I realize I don’t have kids so that right there is a bit of a time saver. I also am not writing this post so that people can pity me, not the point at all. I am not even saying that I’m the busiest person in the world, trust me I have friends that work in the news industry, medical and first responders…now those are some long hours! I just wanted to take you all on a little BTS (behind the scenes). I think there’s a bit of a misunderstanding on what fitness coaches do all day and just wanted to show you what I do as a fitness coach.

6 am: Wake- Up (I used to wake up at 4:45am but my body just doesn’t let me anymore). I spend about 5-10 minutes snuggling with my fur babies because they will NOT let me get up until I do that. I proceed to let them out and feed them. Then I prepare my lemon water and head over to my garage to do my fasted cardio…in PJs lol. I do that for about 35 min.

7 am: I shower and get ready for the day

7:30 am: I sit down on the couch and have my breakfast (which I prepare the night before). It's usually oatmeal mixed with egg whites, non-fat Greek yogurt, Peanut Butter, Lilly’s Chocolate Chips and some cinnamon.

8 am: I’m out the door. I take my meals 2-4 with me and water.

8:30 am: My first cup of cafecito (Cuban coffee)

9am-3:30pm: work- in person clients/admin work/blog posts/answer DMs/ online- client check-ins

  • 10am: 2nd meal & 2nd cafecito- Cauliflower wraps with turkey, avocado and 1 with peanut butter.

  • 12:30pm: Lunch- usually green beans, chicken and coconut oil

  • 1pm- 3rd cafecito

  • 3:30pm: Pre-Workout Meal. I pretty much drink this shake, just tweak it to fit my pre-workout macros.

* Keep in mind: I am Cuban and cafecito does nothing to me lol. But only take a sip of the 1oz coffee cup.

4:30-5:45pm: Work Out

6pm-7pm: Prepare my meal for the next day and cook dinner. Sometimes during this time I will take pictures of recipes and/or film for YouTube.

7 pm: Shower

7:15 pm: Dinner- Post Workout Meal. This changes but its usually chicken, fish or ground turkey, salad and jasmine rice.

7:30 pm: Housework

8-9 pm: Post, answer DMs, answer e-mails, finish online client check-ins

9-10 pm: Watch TV with hubs which usually means…fall asleep on the couch.

10pm: Take the dogs out before putting them to bed and make my last meal, Protein Golden Milk Latte.  Do you want the recipe? Comment below. 

10:30 pm: Bed + Beauty Sleep

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