AMPD Product Review


There are many supplement companies out there and I have tried most of them. However, I have never seen a company that is by women for women, plant-based, natural and actually tastes really good. The company I am talking about is AMPD Nutrition.

I learned about this company over a year ago from Amber Dawn Orton, better known as Mishkadawn on Instagram. I was super hesitant at first to try them because I didn’t really like “plant-based” anything to be quite honest. For instance, the RAW protein from Whole Foods, yuck! It tastes like actual garbage to me. However, she raved about it and how it didn’t taste like regular protein powders. I finally bit the bullet and purchased it. I purchased the vanilla protein powder. I tried it and wasn’t blown away but wasn’t mad about it either. It is a little different than whey because most supplement companies put a lot of crap in their protein to make it taste sweet and yummy. So at first, it's gonna be weird because your taste buds are used to something else, but I promise you, give it a chance and you will fall in love.

After a year of truly falling in love with this company and standing by all their products, I am proud to say I am an ambassador for AMPD Nutrition. I truly believe in these products and use them on the daily. They are completely natural that can even be used while pregnant and breastfeeding. They do not put anything that is not good for your body. Everything is natural and full of vitamins and minerals.

They now have so many products like Re-Charge (This is their version of BCAAs) Re-Cover (used for after your workout to recover and reduce soreness) Pre- E (Stimulant free Pre-Workout) Ketopure (for those doing Keto, helps body get energy naturally) Beauty Greens ( get your daily dose of greens, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and probiotics all infused with collagen) Probiotics, Beauty Sleep (Golden Milk- my favorite before bed).

I highly suggest you try them out! You can also save a bit of money by using my code MPAEZ10 for 10% OFF.

I also did a video review on the products that you can watch here

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