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10 Ways to Boost Energy

I wake up at 5am everyday to go workout. You would think that by 1-2pm I would be crashing. There are some days that I am a bit more tired than others, but for the most part I am pretty energized. My clients are always asking me how I do it and still have a smile on my face? Well I love coffee but I’ve said it here before, its for the taste because I drink decaf. I

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Are Weekends Ruining Your Goals?

Happy TGIF! You leave the office at 5pm on Friday, rush home and open a bottle of wine. You refuse to cook one more chicken so you order in. Saturday comes and your running errands all around town and forget to eat until dinner but by then your so hungry you eat whatever is in sight. Lazy Sunday creeps in and you wake up later than usual. you don't have enough time now to get in all your meals....sound familiar?

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