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Eating Before & After a Workout....Is it ok?

Eating your pre- workout meal (before) and post-workout (after) is more than ok. It is necessary! Only under certain circumstances would it be ok to ditch the pre-workout but that's mainly a medical reason. This is actually a rookie mistake that many of us tend to do. We have the mentality that less is more when it comes to losing weight.. So the less we eat, the skinnier we will get. Sorry to break it to you chica, but that is not the case!

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Changing My Fitness Routine

f you follow me on Instagram and Youtube  then you know there have been a couple changes to my fitness routine. I no longer want to train as a bodybuilder, but as an athlete. I got tired of obsessing over my body and how it looked. Whether I needed to grow my glutes, shrink my hips, get bigger shoulders and the list goes on. I've been doing that since my pageant days and it just got old. I just wanted to be free and have a healthier mindset. 

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Spot Reduction Isn't a Myth

Spot reduction is the idea of losing fat in just one area by only training that area. In the past every study has indicated that spot reduction is not possible and that the only way to reduce fat in a single area was to reduce over body fat with lots of cardio.  

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