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My Mom’s Birthday Staycation at The Diplomat Beach Resort

July 4th has always been a holiday for my family. Not only because it is America's Independence day but it is also my mom's birthday! How crazy is that? Typically we go away on a long weekend vacation. Unfortunately, this year was not the same because my mom had to undergo her chemo treatment.  

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How I Started My Fitness Journey

Fast forward to today and I am a certified ISSA Personal Trainer and Nutritionist  specialized in Diabetes and Strength & Conditioning. I've competed in 7 NPC Bikini competitions around the nation. I am still absolutely fascinated by the sport and the science behind it all. 

My goal is to be able to light the fire within my clients like those trainers did for me years ago. I want to change people's view on working out and help them realize that working out can be fun! 

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