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Simple and Clean Healthy Snacks

I’m so happy to be sharing with you some of my favorite store-bought snacks. And I say store-bought, because I didn’t cook or prep any of this stuff. 

And while I love a good home-made protein snack, I don't always have the time to make it. So when I want a snack, I need it right in front of me. So today, we’re going to look at a bunch of healthy and clean snacks you pick up straight from the shelves of your local grocery store or even gas station.

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Secrets To Getting Stage Ready

I remember when I was getting ready to compete in Miss Florida USA, back in 2011, I was eager to try any 'SECRET" weapon that anyone told me. I would here whispers here and there about girls taking warm showers in Epsom Salt, others who drowned in preparation H, and the list goes on. Of course I had to try them all but to my disappointment none of them worked. 

I was always looking for a secret weapon that would just vanish my fat. Unfortunately, I never did find this secret formula..........until now. 

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Macro Ratio: Per Meal

No matter what kind of diet you do; intermittent, 3 hour, 6 hour, Vegan, Paleo, IIFYM, Keto, Meal plan, etc you MUST meet your daily goal.  The major point that will lead you to succeed or fail in your fitness goal is what your eating v.s. what you burn. If you want to lose weight your goal is to burn more than you eat

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