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Should I Eat Healthy on the Holidays?

I used to go all out on Thanksgiving, like 2-3 plates all out! However, I would feel sick the rest of the day and I wouldn't’’t really even get to enjoy it. That is not fun either. Instead I serve myself a little bit of everything and sit down and talk to those around me. I would honestly just scarf down the food without even looking up and kept eating and eating like an open pit. I prefer not to do that just so I won’t feel sick after and get to enjoy the rest of my night and be able to rest up for BLACK FRIDAY

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Comfort Food Swaps

Now that the temperatures are dropping (except over  here in Miami) it's nice to snuggle up with your loved ones and indulge in a nice bowl of comfort food. There’s just something about cold temperatures and a nice big bowl of Mac n’ cheese or a nice warm cup of chili that brings the whole Netflix n Chill to a whole new level. Winter months also mean a bit more fluff in the trunk.I mean if the bears do it….shouldn’t that be normal?

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