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Skincare Routine Basics

I always get the same reaction every time I tell someone my age...utter shock! No-one can believe that I’m 32 and if I'm being honest, neither can I. I believe age is just a number and the test of your true age is how you view life. Many think that I am around 23-25 years old (I got 18 once haha). I do feel that age and I view myself like that as well. Maybe you call it immature but I call it positivity and free living.

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Motivational Post: Why your Biggest Competitor is really Yourself

Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at pictures of other girls and comparing them to you? Could it be that you think they have a better butt? Tighter abs? More followers? You might think, ‘How can you be better than her?’ so that you can feel successful and happy.

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Making Time for Fitness

Going to the gym is something that a lot of us put off. Whether it’s a nail appointment, a teacher/parent night at school, your boss has you staying late at work, running errands, or you’re just plain old “too tired to get to the gym.”

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