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Follow Me Around: A Day in the Life of a Fitness Coach

I realize that it is my JOB to stay fit. However, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come without struggle and sacrifice. A lot of people don’t seem to understand this and just think that A. I workout all day B. Being fit and healthy is easy since I'm in the industry or C. That unlike me they don’t have time to workout because they aren’t at the gym all day like me.

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Workouts You can do Without a Gym

Sometimes the gym isn’t for everybody and that is ok. Keep in mind that you won’t get jacked and super muscular but you can get fit. What do I mean by fit? Your cardiovascular health will improve and you will lose weight.

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Top Ab Exercises

Its Summer time! that means short-shorts, bikini tops and ABS!

I usually get tons of requests from followers and clients to post more Ab content around this time. I am going to comply, but you have to remember that your abs won’t show unless you have low body fat. What does that mean? You have to lean out by entering into a caloric deficit, I can help you with that if you’d like to send me an email at You will also need to start incorporating cardio into your routines and hitting your macros daily.

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Tips for staying Healthy on Vacation

Super stoked today because not only is it the weekend but I am leaving to Disney World with the fam!! woo-hoo! I couldn’t be more excited because I haven’t been in a minute. Plus, after the stress of the move I really need to disconnect and just have fun! Be a kid again, you know?!

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Motivational Post: Why your Biggest Competitor is really Yourself

Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through Instagram looking at pictures of other girls and comparing them to you? Could it be that you think they have a better butt? Tighter abs? More followers? You might think, ‘How can you be better than her?’ so that you can feel successful and happy.

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How to Plan Your Workouts for the Week

At work you have endless to-do lists and deadlines of when to finish them. At home, you likely have a calendar with all of your kids shows, doctor appointments, school events, etc. So for every aspect of your life you have a schedule for when you should do things. Why should the gym be any different?

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