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Common Exercise Modifications

I’m so glad to see that you ladies (and some gents too) have been enjoying my Weekly Workouts. However, I do realize that not all gyms are built the same and they all don’t have the same equipment. Or you may have an injury that prevents you from doing a particular movement. Unfortunately, I can’t be with you at the gym so I decided to do an overall modification for some of the exercises you see here weekly.

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Eating Before & After a Workout....Is it ok?

Eating your pre- workout meal (before) and post-workout (after) is more than ok. It is necessary! Only under certain circumstances would it be ok to ditch the pre-workout but that's mainly a medical reason. This is actually a rookie mistake that many of us tend to do. We have the mentality that less is more when it comes to losing weight.. So the less we eat, the skinnier we will get. Sorry to break it to you chica, but that is not the case!

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Top Ab Exercises

Its Summer time! that means short-shorts, bikini tops and ABS!

I usually get tons of requests from followers and clients to post more Ab content around this time. I am going to comply, but you have to remember that your abs won’t show unless you have low body fat. What does that mean? You have to lean out by entering into a caloric deficit, I can help you with that if you’d like to send me an email at You will also need to start incorporating cardio into your routines and hitting your macros daily.

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Do It For You: Motivation to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

t can be extremely hard to put ourselves first. It is even harder when it comes to working out and eating healthy since it really isn’t something that most of us enjoy. It is much easier to come up with an excuse to miss a workout, secretly eat cookies when no one is watching and lose total motivation once we step on the scale. However, there are things we can focus on to help us keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

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Tips for staying Healthy on Vacation

Super stoked today because not only is it the weekend but I am leaving to Disney World with the fam!! woo-hoo! I couldn’t be more excited because I haven’t been in a minute. Plus, after the stress of the move I really need to disconnect and just have fun! Be a kid again, you know?!

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Weekly Workout
Is There Truth Behind Bro Science?

Have you ever been at the gym and hear a whole bunch of guys talking about: 'Tilapia & Asparagus being the only thing to lean out" or " fasted cardio burns more fat." You may have even heard your favorite influencer talk about only doing HIIT cardio. In the fitness industry we call this, BRO SCIENCE. 

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