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How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

If your following me on Instagram, then you know I just got back from a week long cruise. We went on the Carnival Conquest. Which if I’m being on honest, probably needs to retire or be renovated. It is a little old. however, the crew was amazing and the group we traveled with (all 34 of us) made the trip! We went to Grand Turks, St. Thomas (I bought some really good perfume here), Puerto Rico, and Amber Cove. We were at each port with enough time to do what we wanted to do and get back on the boat.

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10 Ways to Boost Energy

I wake up at 5am everyday to go workout. You would think that by 1-2pm I would be crashing. There are some days that I am a bit more tired than others, but for the most part I am pretty energized. My clients are always asking me how I do it and still have a smile on my face? Well I love coffee but I’ve said it here before, its for the taste because I drink decaf. I

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