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Exercising in the Heat Tips

Winter is gone and summer is here. The weather is heating up, we are nearly breaking 100 degrees here in Miami, and your wanting to take your workouts outside while still being comfortable. That’s a great idea but you do have to take a couple precautions so the weather doesn’t get to you. Even as a native Miamian, the sun can get the best of me. These tips that I am going to share with you will allow you to keep with your fitness goals and enjoy the change of scenery.

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Spring Clean your Workout Routine

I know that you may be really enjoying your workouts, you’re used to the schedule, and you’ve already got a routine going. Well that’s just the problem; it's routine! Once your body has adjusted to these motor pattern movements,you're not going to see the results you want. Another problem you may be having is that mentally, you’ve checked out. You’re just going through the movements and not really making any muscle/mind connections. That is why we have to Marie Kondo your workout and I’m here to help you with that!

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Meal Prepping is Evil

I know that school is also back in session which means craziness for everyone. Even if you don't have children like me, there is still the crazy traffic that comes along with it. Which means waking up about 30 minutes earlier  in order to get anywhere on time. Along with that comes the stress of eating on the go. However, most things that you can pick-up at fast food aren't really the healthiest options and if your running out the door you really don't want to be cooking eggs and I right? I

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